Bill Armstrong spent his last decade as President of Colorado Christian University, which he thought was the “great calling,” and most important work of his life. The push for intellectual curiosity was a key to the mission of CCU under his leadership. He wanted it to be a world-class institution that, above all else, teaches students to think for themselves. He was proud to head a university that offers 23 undergraduate degrees and numerous graduate degrees, and sends missionaries around the world, as well as athletes to NCAA championships and debate teams to national victories.
Speaking at the Western Conservative Summit
He taught openness and tolerance as a cornerstone of faith, believed Christians should laugh and have fun, and said that institutions like CCU would be great if they inspired joy. That would attract more students, better faculty, and dedicated donors, because most people want to be where the fun is. The strategy worked, and CCU during his tenure achieved higher academic standards, a stronger curriculum, a campus transformed with new buildings, and a generation of young people inspired by his faith and his example. Enrollment more than doubled, and the American Council of Trustees and Alumni has now ranked CCU in the top two percent of colleges nationally for its core curriculum eight consecutive years. He envisioned a completely redeveloped Lakewood campus, and he was instrumental in adding a new academic building, a new residence hall, and a new student center. Today, the “Armstrong Legacy” initiative is the cornerstone of CCU’s future plan. With a fund-raising effort led by Wil Armstrong, the new $30 million “Armstrong Center,” on the lake at the core of the campus will include a new worship sanctuary, library, and conference/meeting center, as well as a new auditorium and headquarters for music, theater, and performing arts. The Armstrong Legacy also includes a second new academic building, and eventually a major endowment fund for need-based scholarships.
Speaking at the Values Aligned Leadership Summit, 2013
Transforming the Campus of CCU in Lakewood, Colorado